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Animal Control

Animal Control

NECCOG services include handling of dead, confined, stray, at large, nuisance, injured and vicious animals, investigation and enforcement of any cruelty, abandonment, or protective custody cases, provision of veterinary care on an emergency basis for domestic animals, handling of neighborhood disputes involving animal complaints (does not include cats), and investigation of all reported bites, quarantine of biting animals pursuant to State guidelines, and performing such duties as are necessary on a live biting animal or its carcass, necessary to prepare and deliver it for rabies testing.

Contact Animal Control at (860) 774-1253.

NECCOG provides ongoing adoption services. Details on current adoptees can be accessed through or, or by visiting the Center at 125 Putnam Pike in Dayville.


There has been an increase in reports of rabid animals in our region. Rabies is transmitted primarily through the bite of a rabid animal. To report a wild animal attack on a human, call the Northeast District Department of Health at (860) 774-7350 and the CT Department of Environmental Protection Wildlife Division at (860) 424-3333. To report a wild animal attack on a domestic animal, contact Animal Control at (860)774-1253 and the DEP at (860) 424-3333. To report a domestic animal attack on a human, contact the Northeast District Department of Health at (860) 774-7350 and Animal Control at (860)774-1253.

Lots of information regarding rabies is available at the Center for Disease Control website at

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