Town of Canterbury CT

Town of Canterbury
1 Municipal Drive
Canterbury CT 06331

Assessor's Office

Assessor's Office


The Assessor's office is primarily responsible for preparing the Town's Grand List. The Grand List is generated each year as of October 1 and is a record of all taxable and tax exempt property. Taxable property includes real estate and personal property, including motor vehicles. The office is also responsible for maintaining the assessor maps and data about all properties, and for applying tax exemptions or abatements such as the veterans, disabled, elderly, blind and PA 490 programs. Please call or email the Assesor for information about these programs.

Assessor: Angel Johnstone CCMA II

Assessor's Office
1 Municipal Drive
Canterbury, CT 06331
Telephone: 860-546-6035
Fax: 860-546-8133


The Town Hall is closed to the public due to the uptick in Covid 19 cases in the the area.  This is to preserve the health and safety of the town hall staff and the public.  The Town Hall hours will reevaluated periodically and posted online if they change.

Please email to make arrangements in advance if access to the assessors records is required.


If you have questions regarding a motor vehicle bill or are in need of an adjustment due to the sale or disposal of a vehicle, please find the "Motor Vehicle Billing Info & Disposal proof requirements" document below for complete instructions on what to provide to us. 

If you need an adjustment to a recent bill you have not yet paid, please provide the required documentation to the assessor prior to overpaying the bill.  Refunds of overpayment can take up to THREE MONTHS to process!


FIELD CARD DATA is available at:

MAPPING DATA is available at:

Please be aware that online data is only updated a few times a year and does not yet reflect the 2020 deed or survey map changes.


Canterbury began its state mandated 5-year Revaluation in December 2019 with residential data collection. Vision Government Solutions, Inc. was contracted to complete the revaluation for October 1, 2020 as it has in years past.

The major phases to a municipal revaluation are: Data Collection, Market Analysis, Valuation, Field Review and Informal Hearings. 

Information on all taxable parcels are online at This information will be updated at the close of the project with any changes resulting from the Informal Hearings that took place in mid-January.

This site allows for search by name, address or MBLU.  It also allows you to search for sales based on style, size, age, etc. if you are interested in what properties have sold in the last few years. 

The online maps are not yet updated to reflect the most recent land changes however the acreage used in the appraisals does reflect any maps or deeds submitted to the clerk prior to October 1, 2020.  That acreage can be confirmed using the online database above.  

Parcels in Farm, Forest and Open Space are also updated with the most recent values from the state for such use.

Requests for information that is outside of what is available online should be directed to the Assessor in writing at  It may take up to 1-3 days to put it together and have it available for pickup at the town hall.  The typical fees for printed material still applies.

If you wish to appeal an assessment with the Board of Appeals, the deadline to file an Appeals application is March 20, 2021.  That form is available at the bottom of this page under documents.


Canterbury Town Hall Office Hours:
Monday – Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Thursday: 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM, Friday: CLOSED