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Town of Canterbury
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Board of Assessment Appeals

Board of Assessment Appeals

Meeting Schedule:
The Board of Assessment Appeals meets in March for property appeals, and in September for Motor Vehicle appeals. Notice is given of specific dates and times prior to the hearings.

Board Members:
Michael Bingham
Joe Sangermano
Ellen Wilson

The Board of Assessment Appeals is an official municipal agency designed to serve as appeal body for taxpayers who believe that assessors erred in the valuation of their properties, or erroneously denied them exemptions.  It is a review body, and as such, serves independently of assessors. The board is the first level of appeal from the action of assessors.  Its decisions are binding until an appeal is taken to the courts, or there is a change in valuation.  In this way, it operates at an intermediary level between the assessors and the courts.

Canterbury Town Hall Office Hours:
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